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Monday, 01 June 2020
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We've just spent the weekend in Aberdovey (mid Wales) for the BSA round 4 slalom comp.

To be honest I was far from impressed with the forecast and really a bit gutted that I was going!
Not because we were only forecast 15mph, but because the East Coast was about to be blessed with the best forecast of the year! 25mph NNW and 13ft waves ...  Aaaaarrrgghhhhh, not fair!

On the bright side we were due two days of scorching sunshine, some great entertainment, top company, and if we were lucky some wind and a result.

Things got off to a pretty bad start though..
Didn't finish work 'til 8pm. Rushed home and crammed the van full with windsurf kit, leaving just enough room for Trudie and Izzy. Left about 9..  not too bad. Then hit traffic, then found the M6 was closed, aaarrgh. Major detour later and we arrived at 1am hoping to roll into bed at a pimp house over looking the event site. Only no one had any phone reception, we couldn't find the house and we spent the night sleeping on the windsurf kit in the back of the van. Sorry Trude!

Woke up to a georgeous day of sun and no wind, so it was time for the Sit Up Paddleboats maiden voyage!


Top fun with Trudie, Izzy, sandwiches and 4 cans of Stella. Soon forgot what I was missing! We were like Littliest Hobo in a Dinghy, helping stranded yachties get to the pub and rescuing kids crab buckets!




Mid afternoon it looked windy enough to take the big kit for a spin. Sailed out the estuary to the open sea and it was actually pretty windy. Far windier infact than the championship racing at Weymouth!, so headed back in to see what was hap'nin. Soon it was announced we were on for some official racing, first start as soon as poss, yeeehooo.

Now, I have a bad habit of missing the first race so I wasn't going to faff about this time! Jumped back on the kit and headed out to the start. Pretty stacked on the 8.6 now and struggling to keep it under control through the breaking chop (which was churning up on the sandbar what with the tide and all), but figured I didn't have time to change kit. So sailed around for 40 minutes whilst everyone else had stayed ashore faffing about re-rigging.. brilliant.

Eventually everyone turned up, some on 7m!
I guess with all the waiting my mind had started to wander and the first thing I knew of the start was when I suddenly noticed everyone gunning for it with 30 seconds to go and I'm heading in the opposite direction...    Quick gybe and it wasn't a total disaster, but as usual the leaders were half way down the first leg before I'd started. I was now kinda glad of the 8.6 and with a bit of anger just pinned the motha down pedal to the metal fanging.. Crossed the line in 5th.

Race 2 and I'm fully sync'd in with the start sequence this time but somehow still manage to be late, big hole in the wind or something as I struggle to be there on time. I'm not the only one, but as usual the top 3  hit the line flat out smack bang on the buzzer (or what my brain seems to think is over early :~) The 8.6 is now feeling perfect though and I make my way up to 4th, holding off Alan Jackson for a change and catching the leaders with all my extra sail.

The wind continues to drop and of course now the boys that changed down can't plane so they sail back in and racing is abandoned.
And that was it for the weekend.

Matt Pearch won, James Dinsmore flew upto second (also still holding onto his big kit) and Simon Cofield was 3rd. I finished on equal points to Si, but ended up 4th (with Si getting a 3rd and 6th over my 4th and 5th). Cribby came second in the first race but had boom issues for race 2 so DNSd.

Really enjoyed the racing again, but as usual I left wanting more, feeling like I was just getting warmed up and wondering how the hell to sort my starts out.. 

Top night on Saturday night with a great band and too many beers, followed by a nice lie in in a comfy bed and slow breakfast with MotoGP on the box. Sweet.

The wind filled in enough for some blasting on the big kit but not enough to race. Used the Mistral 140 for the first time, great bit of kit, I want one! Then tried a formula board again, yuck, no thank you, can't believe I used to race those things back in the day -sure they plane early, but horribly slowly  and only 1knot sooner..

The event was wrapped up at 4pm and the prize giving held with an £800 prize fund! Huge thanks to everyone for running the event; Boardwise, the race crew, organisors and sponsors. Safe to say it was a great weekend and a huge success.

We hit the road for home, but stopped off at one of the world's most beautiful spots for our Sunday Dinner - The George III Inn, next to the Toll road on the Dolgellau Estuary...







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