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Monday, 21 October 2019
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Seriously all time!

Those of you who know me or read this blog regularly will know I'm not really one for talking it up. If I think it was mush burgers and gusty, too much rip or knee high I'll say so, usually with pics. Although of course I always love being on the water however it is..

When it's amazing I love to shout about it too!
I've had my eye on a spot for the last couple of years, occasionally surfing it and dreaming of the wind/waves/tide coming together for a chance to windsurf it. It's known as a 'sensitive spot' in surfing terms, it's not really a secret although it was taken out the storm rider guide a few years back.

As it happens everything came together and I went there to windsurf it (or surf it, if it was too busy). Driving in I was greeted by the above welcoming sign! But went ahead, rigged up and scored my best days wave riding for 3 years -mast high on the sets, down the line, long grinding waves on one of the best reefs in the country -some super memorable rides.

I don't really see the point in secret spots for windsurfing (there just aren't that many of us and only a handful that don't mind being washed over reefs), but for surfing it makes a lot more sense and it's for the surfers that I'm keeping stum and didn't take any pics.

Even though it was 5.3 weather, there were 10 surfers out. Luckily I had the biggest peak to myself while they scored the barrelling less windy one closer in. I sailed down for a look but kept well out the way.

I'm guessing the SURFER PARKED NEXT DOOR wasn't so courteous! I always thought this was bit of a myth, had to chuckle when I saw it..

NOT MY VAN BOARDSEEKER!! (my van is a rusty old thing and not green..)

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