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Monday, 01 June 2020

First off, whilst I've got everyone's attention and before you skip thru and just look at the pics..  it was the surfer in the van next door that got his windows waxed. I've had zero problems and I'm always very very considerate and if I'm not on the peak first I'll find another one.



A weekend that I was really looking forward to, turned out to be bit of a disaster for me..

The BWA (British wavesailing Assoc) were holding the last round of the British Championships and the forecast looked perfect -if not to say epic! Mast high 'down the line' is right up my street and pretty rare for a competition so I was really keen.

Unfortunatley I had to work Thursday so missed the 'logo high' warm up and the official signing on at 7.30pm. Also having deserted my wife for the last 3 weekends I needed to stay home and drive down Friday morning. I texted the head judge to let him know I was coming and wanted to be in the draw.
Woke at 4am Friday, jumped straight in the van and put my foot down. Phoned the head organisor at 7:45 to make sure they knew I was coming.

Arrived at about 8.45am to see the view at the top! They were runnng the comp from Upton Towans so ran up there with my kit only to find they were just starting the first heat and I wasn't in the comp. Totally gutted and slightly at a loss to understand why at the time. It turns out that as I was unseeded they would have had to put me in that first heat which I would have (just) missed. Of course, had I have known this I would have got up earlier!

Still it wasn't all bad. The competition area at Upton was providing very gusty, very offshore logo high waves..  and to the right was Gwithian..  mast and a third and empty!!

Check out the pics from Thursday's warm up and Fridays sailing at GUAVAJELLY. Matthew tells me he's saved the best pics for the magazines (and/or his new calendar). Check out the first pic in the '2010 10 30' Gallery, you can just see the tip of my mast...

I had a great sail in the morning picking off some monsters and at one point headed off down towards Godrevy to find some bigger ones when the big ones started to feel normal sized! Couldn't really be in anything but a good mood after that.


Later in the day the conditions turned lighter, less wavey and more onshore. They tried to get through the double elimination but didn't manage to complete it. So Phil Horrocks took the victory ahead of Andy King and Timo Mullen and Chris Murray in 4th.
I took out my new GoPro HD which I've been lusting after for ages to give it a test and made this little video...


A video from Ed Buchanon HERE too.

I thought I'd have another day of wind on Saturday to get some more footage...


The forecast for Saturday was for it to start out light and wavey, then pick up to 40mph! So I decided to go for a surf up the coast and come back to Gwithian when the wind had kicked in. When I came back to Gwithian I'd missed the best of it, the wind had gone completely and it was drizzling. So ended up having another a good surf. Bit of a let down windsurfing wise and should really have headed South earlier to get the max hit of wind.


A very light wind -offshore on the South coast and a South Westerly swell, meant the South coast reefs and beaches would be firing. Definitely a top day for surfing..


Bit of a gloomy day for pics but the waves were pumping..




Got a few shots before my memory card ran out. (I've just recieved a much bigger one in the post today :)

I was having so much fun I stayed out all day. Unfortunately on my last wave, I pulled in backside but didn't make it out, got sucked over the falls and bounced off a rock on my back (it was full low tide).
Getting washed over the reef in big surf winded with a broken rib is right up there with the least pleasent experiences of my life..  only bettered perhaps by trying to get out my wetsuit! Yowser!!

Huge thanks to Steve Kings house mates Gareth and Jonny for picking me up and putting me up when I couldn't drive home.

I'm on the mend, but I'm not allowed out for at least three weeks, which looks like it's going to be pretty bad timing..  que the biggest storm to hit Kirby in years..

Seems a lot of people didn't have much luck at the weekend! Steve King and house mate Jonny Samuel both surfered bad knocks to the head surfing, Jamie Hancock trashed his 4.4, his leg and his van engine and even the ever smiling newly crowned British champ Ben Proffitt didn't have things quite go his way (with the sailing and his van)

On the bright side it'll give me a chance to put some time in on the K4FINS stuff (which are being used by more and more top uk sailors through choice) and maybe be camera gimp on the next big day.. aaaarrgghhhhhhssss.

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