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Monday, 21 October 2019
47.4 Knots!!

Friday 26th Febuary.

The first bit of decent wind in ages -a strong Westerly along the South coast.

A solid wavesailing forecast for K-bay, but a niggling thought in the back of my mind that the Ray at Southend might work and produce some fast times. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions. XC was only giving 23mph at best, but I've been fooled before..

After a shockingly bad wavesail/chopbash under powered on a 4.5 I packed up in a huff and arrived at Southend to hear something I've not heard for a very long time...  
the trees whistling and howling! it was super windy?!? OMG shocking.

And only one other speedy(sailor), Alex Bennett-Baggs...

Alex ready to go.

Rigged the Simmer XC 5.7 and Moo custom speed 40 with a bog standard Techtonics 20cm. Plus 12kg's of lead for my weedy 12stone body and Simmer waist harness.


The wind was blowing straight down the West course and very broad on the East course.
I set off for my first run fighting the chop and my footstraps (still crushed) but flew down the course fully lit (although feeling pretty unsettled). Managed to hold it all together until the end and looked down to see 47.4 Knots on the dial!!  woohooo, PB by a long way and without getting dialed in. Obviously started to think I'd lucked in and rolled up at the fastest Ray day ever, and began to wonder what might be! Not an opportuntiy to be squandered, they don't happen very often and I had a few words with myself. I was fully knackered already! (it's a long walk out at the Ray)

Second run. More settled, felt quicker, but couldn't slow down and got spat over the handle bars hooked in. At 46.0 Knots! Luckily only snapped my harness line, sailed the rest of the day with just the one..

Unfortunately the times gradually got slower. Perhaps it had become just that little bit too broad.
You'd have to fight the chop for your 'sling shot' in but then run out of drive as you went parallel to the sand. Or maybe the wind had just eased that little bit, it was certainly pretty up and down.

This is an 'up' moment!...


Just look at that!! SICK SICK SICK.

It really was very broad though..


Alex on the choppy 'run in'...


I catapulted again just there, straight into my kit. Possibly my best/worst wipeout ever and 10ft in front of Alex.

The 'joy' part...


Realising I only had a couple of really quick averages (we need five 10 second averages for the gps ranking), I knew I'd have to milk the day for all it was worth. As the sun went down it started to quicken up again and I got 2 of my fastest times by moonlight!..

Time to go home.

That's not the 'beach', that's the 'Ray' with the pier lights in the background, and half hours walk/sail/mudslog from home!

So I finished up with a 47.4 Knot max and a 44.27 five times 10 second average, which puts me top of the 2010 world gps ranking. Nice.


It was great to have Alex to sail with -top bloke, good to have some company and someone nearby if things went wrong. Great to meet you mate.

Tracks are shown here.. (thanks to Mike Pacey for the info)

(click on Map and/or play in the top right)

In other news..

My 9yr old van has just broke the 250,000 mile barrier.

To add to my bruised arms, bruised cheek and all over aches, I split my lip open surfing today.


I said it was a good one! 3 bruises thanks to the run in chop(1 on my fore arm too!)


Moo Custom
Hot Sails Maui
K4 Fins





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